Why Derby?

Wondering if roller derby is for you?  Here are a few of the reasons why our charter skaters joined.  These were originally posted as a series to help promote our tryouts in September of 2014.

Take a closer look at the Twin City Derby Girls and find out what made these amazing ladies lace up.

Terror Misu

#77 Terror Misu

My name is Terror Misu and I joined TCDG because it looked like so much fun. I’ve stayed because I want to train and fight with my team!

Jamie Lee Cutthroat

Jamie Lee Cutthroat

My name is Jamie Lee Cutthroat and I always say I joined derby because it looked like fun. Truth is, I joined because I was looking for something meaningful in my life and TCDG and my teammates helped fill that void.



#2007 Anthrobrawlogist

My name is Anthrobrawlogist and I joined because I wanted to be part of an all-female, physical sport on a team that challenges me every day.


Mrs. T

#1913 Mrs. T

My name is Mrs. T and I joined to prove to myself that I could do it and to meet new people in CU!


Dame Sangre

#0 Dame Sangre

My name is Dame Sangre and I joined for the challenge


Bubbly Brawler

#42 Bubbly Brawler

My name is Bubbly Brawler and I joined to find inspiration for myself.


Jo Holley

Jo Holley

My name is Jo Holley and I joined TCDG because roller derby seemed perfect. I skated a lot as a kid and loved contact sports. I bought my first pair of speed skates within a week of seeing my first bout


Lil Booty Two Shoes

#19 Lil Booty Two Shoes

My name is Lil Booty Two Shoes and I joined TCDG because I loved derby the moment I laid eyes on it.


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