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Making New Strides

Born and raised in Champaign, Rockabillie Jean took her soccer skills onto skates in 2012 and began her derby career with TCDG. As a dedicated member of The ‘Paign and the Alter Egos, she quickly became a valued jammer for her ability to slide by…

A Crushing Farewell for Lovely Feyd

And when we’ve crushed these people enough, I’ll send in you Feyd…They’ll cheer you as a rescuer…Lovely Feyd… – Baron Vladimir Harkonnen These lines from David Lynch’s film of Frank Herbert’s Dune inspired the derby name of our own Lovely Feyd. Feyd came to the league…

A “Stinging” Farewell

Derby’s fierce black and yellow sweetheart leaves a sting as she says farewell to her TCDG family. Polly Nator, five and a half year vet and one of the handful of early members of TCDG, will be starting the next chapter of her life…

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