A Crushing Farewell for Lovely Feyd

And when we’ve crushed these people enough, I’ll send in you Feyd…They’ll cheer you as a rescuer…Lovely Feyd… – Baron Vladimir Harkonnen

Nikita looks on as Lovely Feyd crushes the jammer.

These lines from David Lynch’s film of Frank Herbert’s Dune inspired the derby name of our own Lovely Feyd. Feyd came to the league maybe a year after its founding. She is the type of person who could NSO, and read/write/study a foreign language during breaks in game play. She was a Boneyard Bombshell until the home teams were no more, and we became co-captains of the C Team, then the Alter Egos. As a captain, Feyd was a tireless proponent of strategy. She spent hours combing the web for drills and making practices. Her energy and commitment to the team were amazing. When she became Coach Rep she likewise spent hours re-doing forms and making our processes more efficient. On the track she was an extremely solid teammate, always where you needed her to be. I only regret that I so seldom got to skate in the same pack as her. Feyd is already missed, but she’s been making it clear that she’s having lots of fun with her other pursuits.

Fittingly, a Google image search for “Lovely Feyd” puts these two images next to each other:

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Sometimes We Mash it Up


On August 29-30, some of our skaters will be participating, of their own accord, in The Great Midwest Mash-up in Springfield, Illinois. The eight mash-up teams will be made up of individual skaters from across the Midwest. A member of the Twin City Derby Girls could be placed on a team of skaters from 13 different leagues in seven states – and face their TCDG league mates on the other teams! This and other local derby mixers are great opportunities to meet and interact with fellow derby players as team mates rather than opponents on the track.

A “Stinging” Farewell

1509137_630362507759_887629047_nDerby’s fierce black and yellow sweetheart leaves a sting as she says farewell to her TCDG family. Polly Nator, five and a half year vet and one of the handful of early members of TCDG, will be starting the next chapter of her life in California.

I (Therafist) have had the pleasure of skating alongside Polly for five years on the ‘Paign (one of TCDG’s previous home teams) and on TCDG’s Travel Team. I think I can speak for everyone who’s gotten to know Polly, that I will miss tearing it up on the dance floor with her at afterparties, weekend adventures to travel games, and having her by my side on the track. Her famous words are often repeated at practices and will go down in TCDG history—“I want to skate forever!” You may not skate forever with us, but you’ll forever be a part of our TCDG family.

We love you, Polly, and our best to you on this next phase in life.

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Alter Egos Prepare to Take On Dark River

Another awRescued Angelsay game is quickly approaching. The Alter Egos are gearing up to go to Quincy, IL to play against the Dark River Derby Coalition. The action will be going down at Scotties Fun Spot, 8000 Broadway, Quincy, Illinois 62301. Tickets can be purchases ahead of time at the venue or from skaters of Dark River for $8, or at the door for $10. Children 12 and under get in free. The charity spotlight of the evening is Rescued Angels, a local organization that helps the sick and injured homeless animals in of Quincy by providing funding to help cover medical expenses so they are able to find loving homes. Raffle tickets with fabulous prizes with be sold, with proceeds going to benefit Rescued Angels.

Doors open at 6:30pm, and the action begins at 7:00pm. Scottie’s Fun Spot and The DRDC create a family-friendly atmosphere, and Scottie’s does serve adult beverages for those 21+.

Quick Recap: The Push Come Out on Top

Peoria started the first half swinging, picking up 49 points in the first 10 minutes to the Alter Ego’s 14. After some jammer penalties and loose walls, their lead quickly grew to 102-27 before the Ego’s switched up their game plan. The Egos had back-to-back jams as lead jammers, but were still unable to keep the Push from collecting points, bringing the score to 117-37 with 1 minute left in the first half. Last jam before half time, both jammers went to the both, giving the Ego’s a short power jam, and closed out the first half 121-50.

17 (AE) – 0 (PP) last jam. Photo by Jim Gardner.

The points hemorrhaging continued in the second half, but spirits stayed high. The Push steadily increased their lead, while the Ego’s persistently chipped away at it. At 10 minutes remaining, 169-58. 5 minutes, 235-67. Very last jam of the bout, the Ego’s stole lead jammer. Our wall of blockers managed to keep the Push’s jammer contained while the Alter Ego jammer completed lap after lap, chalking up a whopping 17 points. Final score was 246-84.

Congratulations to the Ego MVPs: #1 Hot Tamale, and #55 Pisa Kayk. Many thanks and much love to Peoria Push Derby Dames for having us!

Photo by Joe Vahling Event Photography, joevahling.com
Photo by Joe Vahling Event Photography, joevahling.com

An Essential Thank You

It’s roller derby. Bumps and bruises? Just colorful memories of on-the-track action. But once in a while, we really need therapy. Massage therapy! And the experts at Essential Health Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork of Savoy, Illinois, recently visited our practices to work on our issues. TCDG thanks Essential Healing for treating us to the best massage chair and table massages, teaching us stretching techniques specifically for roller derby athletes. THANK YOU!!

Photo by Jeff Higgins, iaremoron.com © 2015
Photo by Jeff Higgins, iaremoron.com © 2015

Do you have sore glutes, shoulders or other pain due to stress or injury? We at TCDG recommend that you contact Becky, Jessica or Shanna at Essential Healing. Visit http://www.essentialhealingcu.com/ to schedule an appointment.

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Brief Update from the Road!

skatesTCDG takes a tumble in the Burning River, falling 79-179 in a well-fought, speedy game.  We have a bit of a rest before the Dead Ringers and Evil Twins each take on Cincinnati this evening.

Alter Egos Take On Peoria Push

This SaturPeoria Push Promoday is derby-packed, with the Alter Egos headed to Peoria, IL to take on the Peoria Push Derby Dames! The theme of the evening is “Push for a Cure,” with proceeds going to Passionately Pink. Many skaters will be skating in memory or in honor of a breast cancer survivor…and the Alter Egos are skating to honor their very own Hot Tamale.

The event is located at Exposition Gardens, 1601 W Northmoor Rd, Peoria, IL 61614. Tickets can be purchased here for $11.34, or at the door for $13. A co-ed mixer starts the night out at 5pm, and your Alter Egos will hit the track at 7pm. Doors open at 4:30pm. Go get ’em, ladies!

Brief Recap: Mars vs. Venus

hooligans-logoIf ever a loss felt like a win, this was it!

The Evil Twins took on Springfield’s Capital City Hooligans in an epic battle — the first time any of TCDG’s teams has taken on a men’s roller derby team in a public bout.

Though the styles of play couldn’t be more different, the two teams appeared to be an excellent match from the first whistle. Though it was a physical bout, it wasn’t a particularly penalty-heavy one, and fans of a fast-moving “get past me”-derby were not disappointed. The Hooligans’ jammers indeed had some trouble getting past TCDG’s constantly-moving cluster of blockers, who have really stepped up their game this season.

The Hooligans took the lead early and held it throughout most of the first half. With about 10 minutes to go, TCDG dropped that lead to under 10, and went to the locker room down 71-102. That lead collapsed and returned again during the second half, as TCDG stacked point on point to threaten the Hooligans’ win. But the guys from Springfield were persistent and played smart, and racked up almost 30 points in the last few jams, finishing the game at 202 to TCDG’s 151.

Despite the loss, we couldn’t be prouder of our women in green, and we hope to see the Hooligans on the track again soon!

In case you couldn’t be there in person, we have some video of the bout here (note: there is no audio in the first half).

Quick Recap: Skate to Thrill Tournament!

Photo by Jeff Higgins, iaremoron.com

Twin City Derby Girls’ Evil Twins traveled to the St. Louis area a few weeks ago to take on three strong opponents at the Skate to Thrill Tournament. 

While the Twins returned with only one scoreboard win (against Tiger Bay), it was a great weekend of derby, and a great tournament to participate in. Thanks to everyone at St. Chux for hosting the 2nd annual Skate to Thrill!.

Thanks also to all the Referees, NSOs and other volunteers who made the trip.

Emme and Team
photo by Jeff Higgins, iaremoron.com


Against 97th-ranked Burning River, the Twins took an early lead, maintaining around a 10-point margin throughout the first half and going into halftime at 71-67.

Burning River took the lead in the second half, and while that wasn’t the end of a TCDG lead, it was the beginning of some penalty trouble for TCDG jammers, and power jams for Burning River. One last push from Burning River and they pulled away to end the game with a win, 147 to TCDG’s 113.


Later that day, TCDG took on 96th-ranked Junction City from Ogden, UT. Junction City took the lead by a slim margin early on, and widened it until TCDG pulled ahead to end the first half in the lead, 76-70. The second half saw an early lead change, and the Twins fought hard but couldnt’t get the lead back. Final score TCDG 119 to Junction CIty 172.

Brass Monke
photo by Jeff Higgins, iaremoron.com

Sunday morning the Twins took on Tiger Bay from Cardiff, Wales.

Tiger Bay came into the tournament ranked 57th in the WFTDA, and were impressive in their three games on Saturday. It was a good day for TCDG, as they took an early lead and maintained it throughout the game to finish at 233-114.




Next up for the Evil Twins: May 9th at Cincinnati!

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