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Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 5.48.53 PMNext time you go shopping at Schnucks, ask for an e-scrip card. Then, go online to to register the card…and choose Twin City Derby Girls as one of your three options! Each time you shop, present the card and…that’s it! You’ve done your good deed for the day. Pat yourself on the back. Go ahead. We’ll wait. Feel good? Good. So do we.

Fall Training Program Begins September 20

Fall Training Program Begins:
Tuesday, September 20, 2016
7 p.m. (arrive at 6:30 p.m.)
500 W. Church Street, Champaign, IL


Our 12-week Roller Derby Training Program offers a fun and supportive environment for skaters and referees who want to learn and fine-tune the basic skills necessary to play or officiate roller derby. Anyone who is 18 years of age or older (by the first day of training), has current health insurance, and can skate is eligible to train to be a skater or referee. TCDG welcomes people of all gender identities to be part of our organization. Basic skating skills, understanding of the game, paperwork, and proper equipment are required for the first day of training. There is a $20 fee due at registration to cover equipment and facility fees.

Please email to register.

Training Program Cost: Initial $20 fee is used as a
down payment on first month dues. Monthly league dues while in the Doppel Gang program are $50 per month (total of 3 months).

Gear to Bring: Everyone starting the training program MUST bring their own mouthguard (available for $2-$3 at most retail stores like Walmart, Meijer, etc.). Be sure to boil and mold your mouthguard according to the manufacturer’s instruction
s PRIOR to tryouts. When fitting, please ensure that it covers your back  molars.

It is also strongly recommended to bring your own helmet (a bike helmet works just fine for starting out).

Everyone skating mu
st wear quad skates. Please bring your own if you have them! TCDG has loaner skates available to new training program members who haven’t yet purchased skates. Supplies are very limited and we cannot guarantee that we have enough in each size for every person. Pre-registration helps ensure loaner skates in your size.

Wristguards, knee pads, and elbow pads are also required safety gear. The league has an assortment of loaner gear available for new skaters. Again, if you have any pieces of your own gear, please bring them.

Photo Credit: Steve Jurkovic

Derby is a competitive sport. We take our league, the safety of skaters and our training program very seriously. No exceptions will be made for the gear requirements.

Forms: Please bring all of the following:

  1. A signed copy of the WFTDA waiver (pdf),
  2. A completed Registration Form,
  3. A completed Emergency Contact sheet,
  4. A photocopy of your state ID, and
  5. A photocopy of your Insurance card.

What To Expect the First Day of Training:

• Orientation and Introduction to our League
• Basic Skills Assessment:

      The TCDG Training Program is a 12-week curriculum in which you will work individually and as a group to get your basic skills up to speed. Please do not hesitate from trying our program because you feel you don’t have the basic skills perfectly down pat. If you can skate, we can train you!

Specifically, these skater skills are assessed for proficiency and aptitude. Again, no worries if you aren’t familiar with them. We’ll teach you and encourage and track your progress!

  • Skating posture: Fluid strides, balance, confidence in skating, pushes off with both feet.
  • Stops: T-stop & plow stop.
  • Sticky Skate: Can propel self with all eight wheels on the floor.
  • Crossovers: Performs smooth crossovers while skating at a brisk pace going into and coming out of turns. Uses both feet to push during crossovers.
  • Squatting: While skating, squat and coast the entire straightaway and turn, squat and propel self on straightaway and turns.
  • Stepping: Steps from a standstill backward, forward & side to side while maintaining balance.
  • Agility: Can move easily and fluidly from one side of the skating lane to the other.
  • Balance: Performs one-foot glides on each skate for the length of the straightaway with good balance.
  • Endurance: Can skate 4-5 laps in one minute on a derby-size track.

How to Prepare for Doppel Gang Training:
Skate, Skate, Skate! Attend open skate to practice skills and skate outdoors (outdoor wheels recommended).
Contact one of our member reps to meet up with you at open skate, for lunch, etc. to help you prepare:

Member Reps: Bricks Hithouse and Maven Detta //

Check out these helpful videos:

You can also read over the official WFTDA rules on the WFTDA site here.

What Happens After the First Day?
If you have joined TCDG as a skater, you participate in a 12-week development program as part of our Doppel Gang to help you prepare for the WFTDA basic skills test. If you have joined as a referee, you will train with both the Doppel Gang and our officiating crew, the Ref Riders, to further develop your skating skills and knowledge of the sport. The Doppel Gang is a supportive and fun environment with space to learn and perfect basic skills. It is comprised of skaters of all levels, including visiting, Recreational, and veteran skaters, and referees.

Those of us who skate, officiate, and volunteer for TCDG love what we do, and we hope that you will, too. Please stay tuned to this page and our Facebook page for information!

We look forward to seeing you! Please remember to register in advance by emailing 

Recap: TCDG Outscored by the Outfit

On a steamy summer night at the Windy City Fieldhouse, The Chicago Outfit hosted TCDG in their season finale doubleheader.

Music by The Tah-Dahs. Cinematography, editing, color grading, and titles by Brock Rizy.

The evening began with the Twin City Dead Ringers up against the Chicago Outfit Shade Brigade. The Dead Ringers started out hot, getting lead jammer in an opening jam stalemate. Next jam, the teams traded power jams, setting off a series of penalties and exhausting two-minute jams. The Shade Brigade was able to capitalize on this, racking up points while keeping TCDG from scoring. By the time an Outfit power jam closed out the half, the score favored the Shade 225-19. The Dead Ringers came back from halftime fighting and notched up their score over the first three jams, 256-26. With the Outfit’s offensive blocking, the Ringers were unable to stop the Shade jammers for long. Twin City chipped away at the point deficit with all-out energy, but faded when a seemingly successful star pass was denied due to an inside-out helmet cover. Final score was 401-43.

07252015 Chicago Outfit Syndicate vs Twin Cities Evil Twins ©Keith Bielat
© Keith Bielat

The action heated up from there as the Twin City Evil Twins took on the Chicago Outfit Syndicate. Within the first minute of play, both jammers saw the inside of the box, in what proved to be a penalty-ridden bout. The two teams battled with solid blocking and fierce jamming when the packs were full. But most jams were plagued with penalties, emptying the track and filling the scoreboard with power jam points. The Syndicate jumped ahead with each power jam to end the half 173-56. The teams started the second half with determination, neither team giving up more than 4 points in the first 5 minutes. During the fourth jam the penalty box overflowed, and TCDG hemorrhaged points. The Evil Twins tried to turn it around, using a power jam and star pass to grab 9 points, 217-69. TCDG continued to keep the Syndicate in check for the next 10 minutes despite a string of blockers in the box. The constant penalties took their toll. Once TCDG players started fouling out, the Syndicate ran away with a victory, 347-99.

Congratulations to the MVPs: Notorious RBG and JammaWockee for the Dead Ringers, and Sasha Smashmouth and Houchebag for the Evil Twins. And thanks to the Chicago Outfit for a great night of roller derby!

-Recap filed by Maven

Two Special FREE Events 9/15 and 9/17: Workout with a Derby Girl

TCDG 2015 TravelersWant a challenge? Work out with some of the toughest women in the twin city area! Join Urbana Park District and Twin City Derby Girls for the first ever “Work Out with a Derby Girl” event! Come experience a unique and FREE fitness experience by doing a typical off-skates workout with members of the Twin City Derby Girls. 6:00-7:00pm Tuesday, September 15th at Meadowbrook Park Prairie Play Pavilion. For more information call the Phillips Recreation Center at (217)367-1544 extension 274.

New!  An additional  “Work Out with a Derby Girl” has been added on Thursday, September 17th, on the U of I South Quad by the bell tower from 6-7 pm. After the workout, head to Animal Science Laboratory Room 404 for Derby 101 (explanation of roller derby and the league)!

Post filed by Elsie

Get Close to the Action. Join the Ref Riders!

If you want to see roller derby up close but aren’t ready for a big hit, join the Ref Riders, our officiating crew! TCDG needs officials to staff our games, which are governed by WFTDA’s standard practices and rules. For interested officials, WFTDA offers annual training clinics and certification.

Being a referee?

Referees, our skating officials, are volunteers who facilitate safety and fairness in gameplay. They gear up and attend conditioning practices with the league and officiate during scrimmages and games. This group also answers questions about rules during games and scrimmages and helps the farm team prep for testing by presenting Rule of the Week.

Being an NSO?

TCDG 2015 Ref Riders & NSOsNon-skating officials, or NSOs, wear pink shirts and are integral to every game. These volunteers track statistics, record scores, and keep the game clock. Most positions are easy to learn, and once you start you will want to learn them all.

Tonight! Come Learn about Men’s Roller Derby in Champaign

Champions of Paign Men’s Roller Derby

Are you interested in the future of men’s roller derby in the Champaign area? TCDG Coach Bryan Elder is having an informational meeting tonight, July 24th at Billy Bob’s in Ogden, IL 7:00 p.m.

Here’s more, straight from the horse’s — er — coach’s mouth:

Are you looking for a change?   The Champions of Paign is for you.  This event is geared to inform local men about how to get started in roller derby.  If you don’t identify as male, have no fear. There will be plenty of superstars from the Twin City Derby Girls on hand to answer every and all questions.

Come join us Friday, July 24, at Billy Bob’s in Ogden, IL 7 pm.  Let us show you what you have been missing.   This will be a no pressure type of event.  Come meet some derby girls and future derby dudes and learn everything you want to know about derby.

Champions of Paign
Men’s Roller Derby
Our purpose:

  1. Promoting health and wellness
  2. Promoting self-confidence and self-esteem
  3. Promoting and cultivating social ties and fellowship among members
  4. Promoting youth involvement in the sport of roller derby; and
  5. Lessening the financial burden for other nonprofits through raising funds

A Crushing Farewell for Lovely Feyd

And when we’ve crushed these people enough, I’ll send in you Feyd…They’ll cheer you as a rescuer…Lovely Feyd… – Baron Vladimir Harkonnen

Nikita looks on as Lovely Feyd crushes the jammer.

These lines from David Lynch’s film of Frank Herbert’s Dune inspired the derby name of our own Lovely Feyd. Feyd came to the league maybe a year after its founding. She is the type of person who could NSO, and read/write/study a foreign language during breaks in game play. She was a Boneyard Bombshell until the home teams were no more, and we became co-captains of the C Team, then the Alter Egos. As a captain, Feyd was a tireless proponent of strategy. She spent hours combing the web for drills and making practices. Her energy and commitment to the team were amazing. When she became Coach Rep she likewise spent hours re-doing forms and making our processes more efficient. On the track she was an extremely solid teammate, always where you needed her to be. I only regret that I so seldom got to skate in the same pack as her. Feyd is already missed, but she’s been making it clear that she’s having lots of fun with her other pursuits.

Fittingly, a Google image search for “Lovely Feyd” puts these two images next to each other:

-post filed by Nikita

Sometimes We Mash it Up


On August 29-30, some of our skaters will be participating, of their own accord, in The Great Midwest Mash-up in Springfield, Illinois. The eight mash-up teams will be made up of individual skaters from across the Midwest. A member of the Twin City Derby Girls could be placed on a team of skaters from 13 different leagues in seven states – and face their TCDG league mates on the other teams! This and other local derby mixers are great opportunities to meet and interact with fellow derby players as team mates rather than opponents on the track.

A “Stinging” Farewell

1509137_630362507759_887629047_nDerby’s fierce black and yellow sweetheart leaves a sting as she says farewell to her TCDG family. Polly Nator, five and a half year vet and one of the handful of early members of TCDG, will be starting the next chapter of her life in California.

I (Therafist) have had the pleasure of skating alongside Polly for five years on the ‘Paign (one of TCDG’s previous home teams) and on TCDG’s Travel Team. I think I can speak for everyone who’s gotten to know Polly, that I will miss tearing it up on the dance floor with her at afterparties, weekend adventures to travel games, and having her by my side on the track. Her famous words are often repeated at practices and will go down in TCDG history—“I want to skate forever!” You may not skate forever with us, but you’ll forever be a part of our TCDG family.

We love you, Polly, and our best to you on this next phase in life.

– filed by Therafist

Alter Egos Prepare to Take On Dark River

Another awRescued Angelsay game is quickly approaching. The Alter Egos are gearing up to go to Quincy, IL to play against the Dark River Derby Coalition. The action will be going down at Scotties Fun Spot, 8000 Broadway, Quincy, Illinois 62301. Tickets can be purchases ahead of time at the venue or from skaters of Dark River for $8, or at the door for $10. Children 12 and under get in free. The charity spotlight of the evening is Rescued Angels, a local organization that helps the sick and injured homeless animals in of Quincy by providing funding to help cover medical expenses so they are able to find loving homes. Raffle tickets with fabulous prizes with be sold, with proceeds going to benefit Rescued Angels.

Doors open at 6:30pm, and the action begins at 7:00pm. Scottie’s Fun Spot and The DRDC create a family-friendly atmosphere, and Scottie’s does serve adult beverages for those 21+.

Quick Recap: The Push Come Out on Top

Peoria started the first half swinging, picking up 49 points in the first 10 minutes to the Alter Ego’s 14. After some jammer penalties and loose walls, their lead quickly grew to 102-27 before the Ego’s switched up their game plan. The Egos had back-to-back jams as lead jammers, but were still unable to keep the Push from collecting points, bringing the score to 117-37 with 1 minute left in the first half. Last jam before half time, both jammers went to the both, giving the Ego’s a short power jam, and closed out the first half 121-50.

17 (AE) – 0 (PP) last jam. Photo by Jim Gardner.

The points hemorrhaging continued in the second half, but spirits stayed high. The Push steadily increased their lead, while the Ego’s persistently chipped away at it. At 10 minutes remaining, 169-58. 5 minutes, 235-67. Very last jam of the bout, the Ego’s stole lead jammer. Our wall of blockers managed to keep the Push’s jammer contained while the Alter Ego jammer completed lap after lap, chalking up a whopping 17 points. Final score was 246-84.

Congratulations to the Ego MVPs: #1 Hot Tamale, and #55 Pisa Kayk. Many thanks and much love to Peoria Push Derby Dames for having us!

Photo by Joe Vahling Event Photography,
Photo by Joe Vahling Event Photography,

An Essential Thank You

It’s roller derby. Bumps and bruises? Just colorful memories of on-the-track action. But once in a while, we really need therapy. Massage therapy! And the experts at Essential Health Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork of Savoy, Illinois, recently visited our practices to work on our issues. TCDG thanks Essential Healing for treating us to the best massage chair and table massages, teaching us stretching techniques specifically for roller derby athletes. THANK YOU!!

Photo by Jeff Higgins, © 2015
Photo by Jeff Higgins, © 2015

Do you have sore glutes, shoulders or other pain due to stress or injury? We at TCDG recommend that you contact Becky, Jessica or Shanna at Essential Healing. Visit to schedule an appointment.

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