Ever wanted to try playing roller derby?

One of our newest skaters has written about her experiences.  Check out her description of what it’s like to attend our new skater program, the Doppel Gang, at Chambanamoms.com this week!




How’s that Get Fit Resolution Going? Come Join Us for Off-Skates Workouts!

How are those resolutions going? You know, the ones you said you’d stick with this year? Well, we’re here to help!

Come work out with some of your Twin City Derby Girls! Meet new people! Get fit! Learn something new!

Free Off-Skates Work Outs

January 19, 7:30 pm, McKinley Event Center
January 26, 7:30 pm, McKinley Event Center

You won’t need skates for these sessions. Wear your workout clothes, bring your sneakers, and a bottle of water. Break a sweat with some of TCDG’s favorite off-skates workouts.

Your Twin City Derby Girls will be on hand to answer any questions about the team, the sport, and how to join February’s Spring Training Program! Bring a friend and have an awesome evening with us! (Anyone 18+, please.) More information on the Facebook Event.

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Help us build our new home!

tcdgspace2skate6819Friends, Alumni, and Supporters of Roller Derby–

The Twin City Derby Girls have searched for a local space to call our own since day one. Desiring more than limited rental hours at the local rink, our league has combed the Chambana area for a suitable, yet affordable, space to skate.

And FINALLY, a space has been found! In the heart of Champaign, even. But there’s one catch: We have to fill an Olympic-sized pool.

That’s right. We need to build a structure within a former pool that will safely support a floor. Then install a floor over this structure for our track. The cost of materials alone for this project is an estimated $20,000.

Wait! Did we lose you?! We have a plan–an architect’s plans, in fact. We have a signed lease! And city-approved building permits. And some lumber. We can do this!

But we need your help. Please join us. Let’s build this.

Our GoFundMe campaign is now live!  To donate to our effort to build a brand new skating floor in our new facility, visit www.gofundme.com/tcdgspace2skate.Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.18.39 PM

Twin City Derby Girls is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donors will be mailed receipts, as donations may be tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


TCDG Seeks 2016 Charity Partner!

Twin City Derby Girls (TCDG) roller derby is seeking a charity partner organization for the 2016 home season. Through our Community Involvement Program, we are committed to serving our community and to empowering women and girls. Partners receive publicity and volunteer support, as well as a portion of the proceeds from home events. Since our league’s start in 2010, we have given more than $2,600 in charitable donations and hundreds of hours of volunteer service to local non-profits!

More detailed information, instructions, and the application are available here. Please send the application and required documents to tcdg.outreach@gmail.com by Friday, February 5, 2016 at 11:59 P.M. If you have questions, please reach out to Community Involvement Program chair Josephine Tritsch at the above email.

Learn more at twincityderbygirls.com and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


A Message from the Board

Dear Friends, Alumni and Current Members of TCDG–
As you may be aware, the lease is signed and we are officially in our new home! However, much work will need to go into making the space skatable. We are converting a space formerly used for swimming into a space used for roller derby, and this will take a big investment in terms of both work and money.
However, everything that we’re putting into the space will be worth it. The new space will allow us to hold bouts on Saturday nights, in our home city, in a location that’s highly accessible to our community. Additionally, practicing on a masonite floor will better prepare our teams to generalize our footwork skills to away bouts. The benefit to the league will be immeasurable.
Watch for a Gofundme campaign to appear in the next few days. If you don’t feel the need to wait for that campaign to appear and want to simply make a donation now, contact the board at twincityderbygirls@gmail.com. And as always, KTFA!

Want to Try Roller Derby on for Size? Spring Training Starts in February

1507009_10153758741490149_8251124511855677401_nOur Spring Training Program tentatively kicks off Tuesday February 9th at 7 pm. There may be changes to this date and time, so return to our site for updates! You can also join the Facebook event here.

Our 12-week training program offers a fun and supportive environment for skaters and referees who want to learn and fine-tune the basic skills necessary to play or referee roller derby. It’s also a great workout!

Anyone who is 18 years of age or older (by February 9, 2016) and can lace up skates can become a Twin City Derby Girl. The cost is $50 each month to Twin City Derby Girls.

Please plan to arrive early and be geared up before 7 pm to complete paperwork and arrange for borrowing gear, if necessary. Please email tcdgmembership@gmail.com to register.

We plan on having some open skating sessions and off-skates workouts before the kick off date–watch this space for updates and more information!

Making New Strides

Born and raised in Champaign, Rockabillie Jean took her soccer skills onto skates in 2012 and began her derby career with TCDG. As a dedicated member of The ‘Paign and the Alter Egos, she quickly became a valued jammer for her ability to slide by blockers with only a hair of space, and her notably rock-solid resilience. In the past season she’s been dubbed “the rubber band,” because when Billie gets knocked down she seems to bounce off the floor and right back onto her skates.

Constantly in motion, the adventurous spirit that took her backpacking across Europe and New Zealand is taking Billie away again. This week we send her off onto another chapter in her life in Minneapolis. Though we are sad to see her go, we know no place can pin her down, and we’re excited that Billie will be making new strides as she continues to play roller derby in the city of her alma mater. It’s been an honor to skate with you, Rockabillie Jean! Don’t forget you will always have a home here at TCDG.

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A Home Bout for the LadyFest Finale!


Experience roller derby up close as the Twin City Derby Girls put on an exhibition bout as part of the 2015 That’s What She Said LadyFest weekend! The fast-paced action and hard hits will keep you on the edge of your seat. Get there early to claim the best seats in the house – whether that means front-row floor seats for you or a nice sturdy chair a little farther back from the action! Roller derby is a family-friendly environment so be sure to bring the kiddos along. For $1/wheel they can participate in our half-time wheel game!

When: Sunday, October 18th  |  Doors open at 5:00pm  |  First whistle at 6pm
Skateland 208 W Curtis Rd, Savoy, Illinois 61874
Why: THE perfect finale to LadyFest weekend for the whole family, if we do say so ourselves!
Tickets: Kids 8 & under FREE. Regular Admission: $8
LadyFest Pre-Sale going on now! Use code: LADYFEST2015 to get $3 off your ticket while supplies last.
Discount valid on online ticket purchases only.

Meet TCDG’s New DoppelGängers!

12039701_10207935931740384_7194639894845391765_nThis past Sunday marked the first day of our Fall Training Program. The Twin City Derby Girls welcomed 22 skaters who showed up to gear up, skate around, and try out some basic skating skills. The enthusiasm and positivity in the rink was contagious. We are so excited to train and skate with this new group of skaters, and we’re pretty sure they are just as excited to start!

The training program will be 12 weeks with dedicated training practices on Tuesday evenings from 8-9:30 (with off skates training at 7:30 with Coach Maraud Lebowski). Skaters are also welcomed and encouraged to attend league practice at 8:30 Wednesday evenings, as well as Sunday scrimmages (as NSOs) to learn the rules of derby. We want to welcome 11224411_10155390690163647_3657881262539958869_nour new skaters, and are so excited to see this DoppelGäng learn and grow! Now comes the grueling “choosing a derby name” process…

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Habitat Home Dedicated 9/24

TCDGs can make a solid wall–even off-skates.

IMG_6480Habitat Women Build is dedicating the 7th Women Build home this Thursday, September 24th, in Urbana!

As one of our charity partners, we had the opportunity to contribute to this awesome Habitat for Humanity home earlier this year. It’s exciting to hear that it is now ready for a family to move in!


Ready to Pump Up Your Workout? Join us for the Fall Training Program!

Looking to increase your fitness level?  New in town and want to make friends?  Want to challenge yourself and push yourself outside your usual comfort zone?  Want to do more than just “workout”?

11807668_10153485298585149_3678116135578488517_oThe Twin City Derby Girls Fall Training Program can do all of that and more. We teach woman and men of all ages and walks of life to skate, and later to play roller derby if they so choose. Practices are positive energy classes that can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour, and strengthen your bones, your muscles, and your heart. Roller derby practice also releases endorphins, which makes it good for your mind and spirit, too. The level of encouragement and support that you’ll find at a roller derby practice is amazing. Best of all, roller derby connects you to dozens of awesome local women and men and forges lasting friendships. And did I mention that if you choose to play the full contact game you get to hit people? Most of us consider than a pretty awesome benefit.

Kobak, KateIn the Twin City Derby Girls Training Program, Coach Maraud and other TCDG skaters will teach you how to properly use protective gear and the basics of skating, maneuvering, stopping, and falling safely. We then move on to the basics of blocking and receiving blocks. Elements of strategy and the roller derby ruleset are also covered.

Skaters who complete the 12 week program may choose to remain in the training program for a longer period of time, or indefinitely if they wish to continue skating at a recreational level.  Women may be invited to move up to one of TCDG’s bouting teams to continue their development. Men have the opportunity to join C-U’s brand new men’s derby team, the Champions of ‘Paign or become referees.

Q: “But I haven’t been on skates since I was a kid.  Is this really realistic?  Can I do this?”

A: You definitely can!

No skating experience is required, however we strongly recommend that if you have not skated in a very long time (or ever), that you go to one or more open sessions at Skateland to brush up on your skating to ensure that you feel adequately comfortable.

During the training program, skaters are encouraged to use knowledge of their own body and fitness ability to pace themselves. We expect skaters to progress at their own comfort level, with no pressure to learn fast or keep up with other members. You’ll be in good hands with Coach Maraud.

If you are comfortable on skates and are ready to try the training program, come to Skateland on 9/20 at 9 am for our Fall Training Program kickoff.  See the accompanying page or the Facebook event for details.

What are you waiting for? The best time you will ever have working out is right here!

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TCDG Represents at the Great Midwest Mashup

11900077_10205225067008304_8203273009759471558_nTCDG was well represented at the Great Midwest Mashup this weekend.  The roller derby event was the first of its kind in Springfield, IL, and brought together skaters from across the country. While the event also featured sanctioned MRDA bouts for the male skaters, women participated in a round robin tournament in which skaters from various leagues skated together in mash-up teams. Seven skaters from TCDG participated in the tournament, skating on the red, blue and black teams.

The first match up was red vs. blue first thing on Saturday morning. The bout pitted Lil’ Booty, Lisa Hatchet and Nikita, against Houchebag, Emme Mortal and Regina S.P.E.C.T.R.E.. The score was extremely tight, but red eventually emerged the victor. The second bout on Saturday afternoon introduced the black team, which included Natty Slice, in a match up with red. This bout was also close throughout, but red was again able to triumph. The third bout on Saturday evening ended in an upset as blue hit their stride and eked out a solid victory against black.

TCDG 2015 Ref Riders & NSOsThroughout the weekend our own Head NSO, the Beav, coordinated NSO duties with her usual professionalism and aplomb, working with volunteers from a variety of leagues. TCDG tech guy Wrath of Jon not only covered scoreboard operator duties, but provided tech support to the event, quickly upgrading the live stream to sport a slick score overlay.

Day 2’s championship bout (a rematch of red vs. blue) started with a strong lead from the red team, but red fell behind in the second half, and when the final whistle blew, blue had a solid victory and were awarded the tournament title!

TCDG was well represented amongst MVPs over the course of the weekend, with Houchebag and Natty Slice awarded MVJ trophies on Day 1, and Emme Mortal taking MVB for the championship game. The tournament MVP award, the “Spirit of the Midwest” award, went home with our own Houchebag.

–report filed by Nikita

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