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Making New Strides

Born and raised in Champaign, Rockabillie Jean took her soccer skills onto skates in 2012 and began her derby career with TCDG. As a dedicated member of The ‘Paign and the Alter Egos, she quickly became a valued jammer for her ability to slide by…

Quick Recap: It’s an Alter Ego Win!

On April 18th, the Alter Egos brought it in Dekalb, IL facing off against the Barbed Wire Betties…and coming home with a win! In the end, it was TCDG Alter Egos 243 to the Barbed Wire Betties’ 142. We are especially proud of our first-time MVB, Glitter Cannon, and…

Alter Egos on the Road!

The Alter Egos have been busy this season!! They started the year with a win over the McLean County Missfits 131-129, and then headed up to Kalamazoo to do extra duty filling out the B team roster against Killamazoo. This past weekend, they traveled up to Hammond,…

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