Join the Team—Fall Training Program

Derby Training Program Kickstart
October 8, 2018
@ Douglass Community Center – 512 E Grove, Champaign

Our new skater 12-week training program, known as the Doppel Gang, is starting soon – Monday, October 8th! This program will teach you the skating skills necessary for derby, along with an introduction to rules and strategies of this exciting sport. A mouthguard and $40 is all you need to get started!

If you haven’t skated since middle school, that is completely fine! By the end of 12 weeks, you will have so much confidence and newly gained strength both physically and mentally.

Don’t have your own skates yet? That’s ok too! We’ve got skates and gear that you may borrow. Please plan to arrive at 6:30pm to complete paperwork and arrange for borrowing skate gear if needed. We can loan you everything except the socks and mouth guard. We would suggest bringing your own helmet (bike helmets work great if you have one, but we have plenty of helmets you can choose from), and getting a mouth guard boiled and molded before October 8. Mouthguards are easily available for a couple of dollars in the sporting goods area at Walmart, Target, Meijer, etc. (Tip: You’ll want the less bulky style. Some people find that junior mouthguards fit better). If you want to be extra prepared, a SISU mouthguard is a league favorite and will be the best $15 investment.

Got questions? Email us at

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