Just For Fun: Why did some members of TCDG choose their number?

Skaters in roller derby get to pick their own number (and of course, their name). Why did some members of TCDG choose the number that they did? Here are some responses:

“315 was my area code growing up. I grew up out in the country, so the joke from the 585 area was that we were a bunch of ‘315ers’ (it was synonymous with rednecks, hicks, etc). Even radio shows played into the joke. It isn’t a good reason to pick a number really, but it dawned on me one morning while working out. I had been thinking hard about numbers for a while so I just went with it.” — Crashes to Ashes

“925 is because a Girl Friday is a ‘go-to girl’ who is there when you need her, has whatever you need on hand, and is talented in many areas; also slang used for 1950’s office gals” and office hours are nine to five.” — Girl Friday

“I played softball growing up and my number would be my age. 10 just stuck and I have been that for every sport I have played since I was 10!” — Scooby Smaxx

Mine is boring.. 85 is the year I was born. I wanted 19 (the day I was born) but Booty already had it. I thought about being 419 but heard about how hard it was to wash numbers off so I decided to stick with 2 digits.” — Sloan Cold

The day I was born! And I had a teacher that called me number 19 in 5th grade. I got a 91% on a test and she was telling me I got a 19…and then continued to call me that for whatever reason.” — Lil’ Booty Two Shoes

“Cause I got 101 problems but derby ain’t one…..just kidding. 101 Dalmations…Cruella DeVille…Quilla DeVille….get it? GET IT?” – Quilla DeVille

“I had just turned 40 when I joined the league.” — Maraud Lebowski

“My number (#669) is my anniversary 6/6/2009 – that way I don’t forget! Wait… Maybe it should be 6/6/09, right?! Hmmm.” — Chiquita Bandita

“Mine is 111, for Vault 111 from the video game Fallout 4.” — Iron Isley

“I was T2 for 5 years before the rules changed. My first scrimmage was the night that my divorce was finalized and my last name became Thomas for the second time. Now, because of the rule change, I’m 22.” — Tommy Knocker

“My number is 21. Delta Badhand… it doesn’t make much sense… I mean, 16 is actually a bad hand in Blackjack and 21 is a good hand, but…” — Delta Badhand

“It’s my daughters’ lucky number (#3). Also, I have three-leaf clovers on my skates. Also also, my lucky numbers were already taken.” — Cinder Blocker

“349 is my badge number.” — Emme Mortal

“‘Cause 8 just goes with Vile.” — Vile

“I like prime numbers.” — Joannasaurus Wrex, #47

“This may sound strange, but 28 is  the number of ice cream flavors at Howard Johnsons.” — Nikita

“524 is for my anniversary on May 24th.” — Ravenbrawl

“My number is 316, as in John 3:16.” — Holy Steamroller

“2007 was the year that I earned my PhD.” — Anthrobrawlogist

“‘Cause they say ‘two thousand zero zero party over, oops. Outta time! So tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999…’” — [The Referee Formerly Known As] Prince

“8/29 is GG Allin’s birthday.” — Gigi Allin Wrench

“207 is the area code for Maine.” — Moxielocks

My birthday is on the 11th.” — Harmagedon

“93 was my numer when I played hockey.” — Tank

“215 is the area code for Philadelphia, which is the area where I grew up” — Wildstyle

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