A Message from the Board

Dear Friends, Alumni and Current Members of TCDG–
As you may be aware, the lease is signed and we are officially in our new home! However, much work will need to go into making the space skatable. We are converting a space formerly used for swimming into a space used for roller derby, and this will take a big investment in terms of both work and money.
However, everything that we’re putting into the space will be worth it. The new space will allow us to hold bouts on Saturday nights, in our home city, in a location that’s highly accessible to our community. Additionally, practicing on a masonite floor will better prepare our teams to generalize our footwork skills to away bouts. The benefit to the league will be immeasurable.
Watch for a Gofundme campaign to appear in the next few days. If you don’t feel the need to wait for that campaign to appear and want to simply make a donation now, contact the board at twincityderbygirls@gmail.com. And as always, KTFA!

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