Making New Strides

Born and raised in Champaign, Rockabillie Jean took her soccer skills onto skates in 2012 and began her derby career with TCDG. As a dedicated member of The ‘Paign and the Alter Egos, she quickly became a valued jammer for her ability to slide by blockers with only a hair of space, and her notably rock-solid resilience. In the past season she’s been dubbed “the rubber band,” because when Billie gets knocked down she seems to bounce off the floor and right back onto her skates.

Constantly in motion, the adventurous spirit that took her backpacking across Europe and New Zealand is taking Billie away again. This week we send her off onto another chapter in her life in Minneapolis. Though we are sad to see her go, we know no place can pin her down, and we’re excited that Billie will be making new strides as she continues to play roller derby in the city of her alma mater. It’s been an honor to skate with you, Rockabillie Jean! Don’t forget you will always have a home here at TCDG.

–post filed by Natty Slice


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