Meet TCDG’s New DoppelGängers!

12039701_10207935931740384_7194639894845391765_nThis past Sunday marked the first day of our Fall Training Program. The Twin City Derby Girls welcomed 22 skaters who showed up to gear up, skate around, and try out some basic skating skills. The enthusiasm and positivity in the rink was contagious. We are so excited to train and skate with this new group of skaters, and we’re pretty sure they are just as excited to start!

The training program will be 12 weeks with dedicated training practices on Tuesday evenings from 8-9:30 (with off skates training at 7:30 with Coach Maraud Lebowski). Skaters are also welcomed and encouraged to attend league practice at 8:30 Wednesday evenings, as well as Sunday scrimmages (as NSOs) to learn the rules of derby. We want to welcome 11224411_10155390690163647_3657881262539958869_nour new skaters, and are so excited to see this DoppelGäng learn and grow! Now comes the grueling “choosing a derby name” process…

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