Ready to Pump Up Your Workout? Join us for the Fall Training Program!

Looking to increase your fitness level?  New in town and want to make friends?  Want to challenge yourself and push yourself outside your usual comfort zone?  Want to do more than just “workout”?

11807668_10153485298585149_3678116135578488517_oThe Twin City Derby Girls Fall Training Program can do all of that and more. We teach woman and men of all ages and walks of life to skate, and later to play roller derby if they so choose. Practices are positive energy classes that can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour, and strengthen your bones, your muscles, and your heart. Roller derby practice also releases endorphins, which makes it good for your mind and spirit, too. The level of encouragement and support that you’ll find at a roller derby practice is amazing. Best of all, roller derby connects you to dozens of awesome local women and men and forges lasting friendships. And did I mention that if you choose to play the full contact game you get to hit people? Most of us consider than a pretty awesome benefit.

Kobak, KateIn the Twin City Derby Girls Training Program, Coach Maraud and other TCDG skaters will teach you how to properly use protective gear and the basics of skating, maneuvering, stopping, and falling safely. We then move on to the basics of blocking and receiving blocks. Elements of strategy and the roller derby ruleset are also covered.

Skaters who complete the 12 week program may choose to remain in the training program for a longer period of time, or indefinitely if they wish to continue skating at a recreational level.  Women may be invited to move up to one of TCDG’s bouting teams to continue their development. Men have the opportunity to join C-U’s brand new men’s derby team, the Champions of ‘Paign or become referees.

Q: “But I haven’t been on skates since I was a kid.  Is this really realistic?  Can I do this?”

A: You definitely can!

No skating experience is required, however we strongly recommend that if you have not skated in a very long time (or ever), that you go to one or more open sessions at Skateland to brush up on your skating to ensure that you feel adequately comfortable.

During the training program, skaters are encouraged to use knowledge of their own body and fitness ability to pace themselves. We expect skaters to progress at their own comfort level, with no pressure to learn fast or keep up with other members. You’ll be in good hands with Coach Maraud.

If you are comfortable on skates and are ready to try the training program, come to Skateland on 9/20 at 9 am for our Fall Training Program kickoff.  See the accompanying page or the Facebook event for details.

What are you waiting for? The best time you will ever have working out is right here!

–filed by Nikita

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