Fall Training Program Begins September 20

Fall Training Program Begins:
Tuesday, September 20, 2016
7 p.m. (arrive at 6:30 p.m.)
500 W. Church Street, Champaign, IL


Our 12-week Roller Derby Training Program offers a fun and supportive environment for skaters and referees who want to learn and fine-tune the basic skills necessary to play or officiate roller derby. Anyone who is 18 years of age or older (by the first day of training), has current health insurance, and can skate is eligible to train to be a skater or referee. TCDG welcomes people of all gender identities to be part of our organization. Basic skating skills, understanding of the game, paperwork, and proper equipment are required for the first day of training. There is a $20 fee due at registration to cover equipment and facility fees.

Please email tcdgmembership@gmail.com to register.

Training Program Cost: Initial $20 fee is used as a
down payment on first month dues. Monthly league dues while in the Doppel Gang program are $50 per month (total of 3 months).

Gear to Bring: Everyone starting the training program MUST bring their own mouthguard (available for $2-$3 at most retail stores like Walmart, Meijer, etc.). Be sure to boil and mold your mouthguard according to the manufacturer’s instruction
s PRIOR to tryouts. When fitting, please ensure that it covers your back  molars.

It is also strongly recommended to bring your own helmet (a bike helmet works just fine for starting out).

Everyone skating mu
st wear quad skates. Please bring your own if you have them! TCDG has loaner skates available to new training program members who haven’t yet purchased skates. Supplies are very limited and we cannot guarantee that we have enough in each size for every person. Pre-registration helps ensure loaner skates in your size.

Wristguards, knee pads, and elbow pads are also required safety gear. The league has an assortment of loaner gear available for new skaters. Again, if you have any pieces of your own gear, please bring them.

Photo Credit: Steve Jurkovic

Derby is a competitive sport. We take our league, the safety of skaters and our training program very seriously. No exceptions will be made for the gear requirements.

Forms: Please bring all of the following:

  1. A signed copy of the WFTDA waiver (pdf),
  2. A completed Registration Form,
  3. A completed Emergency Contact sheet,
  4. A photocopy of your state ID, and
  5. A photocopy of your Insurance card.

What To Expect the First Day of Training:

• Orientation and Introduction to our League
• Basic Skills Assessment:

      The TCDG Training Program is a 12-week curriculum in which you will work individually and as a group to get your basic skills up to speed. Please do not hesitate from trying our program because you feel you don’t have the basic skills perfectly down pat. If you can skate, we can train you!

Specifically, these skater skills are assessed for proficiency and aptitude. Again, no worries if you aren’t familiar with them. We’ll teach you and encourage and track your progress!

  • Skating posture: Fluid strides, balance, confidence in skating, pushes off with both feet.
  • Stops: T-stop & plow stop.
  • Sticky Skate: Can propel self with all eight wheels on the floor.
  • Crossovers: Performs smooth crossovers while skating at a brisk pace going into and coming out of turns. Uses both feet to push during crossovers.
  • Squatting: While skating, squat and coast the entire straightaway and turn, squat and propel self on straightaway and turns.
  • Stepping: Steps from a standstill backward, forward & side to side while maintaining balance.
  • Agility: Can move easily and fluidly from one side of the skating lane to the other.
  • Balance: Performs one-foot glides on each skate for the length of the straightaway with good balance.
  • Endurance: Can skate 4-5 laps in one minute on a derby-size track.

How to Prepare for Doppel Gang Training:
Skate, Skate, Skate! Attend open skate to practice skills and skate outdoors (outdoor wheels recommended).
Contact one of our member reps to meet up with you at open skate, for lunch, etc. to help you prepare:

Member Reps: Bricks Hithouse and Maven Detta // TCDGMembership@gmail.com

Check out these helpful videos:

You can also read over the official WFTDA rules on the WFTDA site here.

What Happens After the First Day?
If you have joined TCDG as a skater, you participate in a 12-week development program as part of our Doppel Gang to help you prepare for the WFTDA basic skills test. If you have joined as a referee, you will train with both the Doppel Gang and our officiating crew, the Ref Riders, to further develop your skating skills and knowledge of the sport. The Doppel Gang is a supportive and fun environment with space to learn and perfect basic skills. It is comprised of skaters of all levels, including visiting, Recreational, and veteran skaters, and referees.

Those of us who skate, officiate, and volunteer for TCDG love what we do, and we hope that you will, too. Please stay tuned to this page and our Facebook page for information!

We look forward to seeing you! Please remember to register in advance by emailing tcdgmembership@gmail.com 

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