Recap: TCDG Outscored by the Outfit

On a steamy summer night at the Windy City Fieldhouse, The Chicago Outfit hosted TCDG in their season finale doubleheader.

Music by The Tah-Dahs. Cinematography, editing, color grading, and titles by Brock Rizy.

The evening began with the Twin City Dead Ringers up against the Chicago Outfit Shade Brigade. The Dead Ringers started out hot, getting lead jammer in an opening jam stalemate. Next jam, the teams traded power jams, setting off a series of penalties and exhausting two-minute jams. The Shade Brigade was able to capitalize on this, racking up points while keeping TCDG from scoring. By the time an Outfit power jam closed out the half, the score favored the Shade 225-19. The Dead Ringers came back from halftime fighting and notched up their score over the first three jams, 256-26. With the Outfit’s offensive blocking, the Ringers were unable to stop the Shade jammers for long. Twin City chipped away at the point deficit with all-out energy, but faded when a seemingly successful star pass was denied due to an inside-out helmet cover. Final score was 401-43.

07252015 Chicago Outfit Syndicate vs Twin Cities Evil Twins ©Keith Bielat
© Keith Bielat

The action heated up from there as the Twin City Evil Twins took on the Chicago Outfit Syndicate. Within the first minute of play, both jammers saw the inside of the box, in what proved to be a penalty-ridden bout. The two teams battled with solid blocking and fierce jamming when the packs were full. But most jams were plagued with penalties, emptying the track and filling the scoreboard with power jam points. The Syndicate jumped ahead with each power jam to end the half 173-56. The teams started the second half with determination, neither team giving up more than 4 points in the first 5 minutes. During the fourth jam the penalty box overflowed, and TCDG hemorrhaged points. The Evil Twins tried to turn it around, using a power jam and star pass to grab 9 points, 217-69. TCDG continued to keep the Syndicate in check for the next 10 minutes despite a string of blockers in the box. The constant penalties took their toll. Once TCDG players started fouling out, the Syndicate ran away with a victory, 347-99.

Congratulations to the MVPs: Notorious RBG and JammaWockee for the Dead Ringers, and Sasha Smashmouth and Houchebag for the Evil Twins. And thanks to the Chicago Outfit for a great night of roller derby!

-Recap filed by Maven

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