A Crushing Farewell for Lovely Feyd

And when we’ve crushed these people enough, I’ll send in you Feyd…They’ll cheer you as a rescuer…Lovely Feyd… – Baron Vladimir Harkonnen

Nikita looks on as Lovely Feyd crushes the jammer.

These lines from David Lynch’s film of Frank Herbert’s Dune inspired the derby name of our own Lovely Feyd. Feyd came to the league maybe a year after its founding. She is the type of person who could NSO, and read/write/study a foreign language during breaks in game play. She was a Boneyard Bombshell until the home teams were no more, and we became co-captains of the C Team, then the Alter Egos. As a captain, Feyd was a tireless proponent of strategy. She spent hours combing the web for drills and making practices. Her energy and commitment to the team were amazing. When she became Coach Rep she likewise spent hours re-doing forms and making our processes more efficient. On the track she was an extremely solid teammate, always where you needed her to be. I only regret that I so seldom got to skate in the same pack as her. Feyd is already missed, but she’s been making it clear that she’s having lots of fun with her other pursuits.

Fittingly, a Google image search for “Lovely Feyd” puts these two images next to each other:

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