A “Stinging” Farewell

1509137_630362507759_887629047_nDerby’s fierce black and yellow sweetheart leaves a sting as she says farewell to her TCDG family. Polly Nator, five and a half year vet and one of the handful of early members of TCDG, will be starting the next chapter of her life in California.

I (Therafist) have had the pleasure of skating alongside Polly for five years on the ‘Paign (one of TCDG’s previous home teams) and on TCDG’s Travel Team. I think I can speak for everyone who’s gotten to know Polly, that I will miss tearing it up on the dance floor with her at afterparties, weekend adventures to travel games, and having her by my side on the track. Her famous words are often repeated at practices and will go down in TCDG history—“I want to skate forever!” You may not skate forever with us, but you’ll forever be a part of our TCDG family.

We love you, Polly, and our best to you on this next phase in life.

– filed by Therafist

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