Quick Recap: The Push Come Out on Top

Peoria started the first half swinging, picking up 49 points in the first 10 minutes to the Alter Ego’s 14. After some jammer penalties and loose walls, their lead quickly grew to 102-27 before the Ego’s switched up their game plan. The Egos had back-to-back jams as lead jammers, but were still unable to keep the Push from collecting points, bringing the score to 117-37 with 1 minute left in the first half. Last jam before half time, both jammers went to the both, giving the Ego’s a short power jam, and closed out the first half 121-50.

17 (AE) – 0 (PP) last jam. Photo by Jim Gardner.

The points hemorrhaging continued in the second half, but spirits stayed high. The Push steadily increased their lead, while the Ego’s persistently chipped away at it. At 10 minutes remaining, 169-58. 5 minutes, 235-67. Very last jam of the bout, the Ego’s stole lead jammer. Our wall of blockers managed to keep the Push’s jammer contained while the Alter Ego jammer completed lap after lap, chalking up a whopping 17 points. Final score was 246-84.

Congratulations to the Ego MVPs: #1 Hot Tamale, and #55 Pisa Kayk. Many thanks and much love to Peoria Push Derby Dames for having us!

Photo by Joe Vahling Event Photography, joevahling.com
Photo by Joe Vahling Event Photography, joevahling.com
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