Brief Recap: Mars vs. Venus

hooligans-logoIf ever a loss felt like a win, this was it!

The Evil Twins took on Springfield’s Capital City Hooligans in an epic battle — the first time any of TCDG’s teams has taken on a men’s roller derby team in a public bout.

Though the styles of play couldn’t be more different, the two teams appeared to be an excellent match from the first whistle. Though it was a physical bout, it wasn’t a particularly penalty-heavy one, and fans of a fast-moving “get past me”-derby were not disappointed. The Hooligans’ jammers indeed had some trouble getting past TCDG’s constantly-moving cluster of blockers, who have really stepped up their game this season.

The Hooligans took the lead early and held it throughout most of the first half. With about 10 minutes to go, TCDG dropped that lead to under 10, and went to the locker room down 71-102. That lead collapsed and returned again during the second half, as TCDG stacked point on point to threaten the Hooligans’ win. But the guys from Springfield were persistent and played smart, and racked up almost 30 points in the last few jams, finishing the game at 202 to TCDG’s 151.

Despite the loss, we couldn’t be prouder of our women in green, and we hope to see the Hooligans on the track again soon!

In case you couldn’t be there in person, we have some video of the bout here (note: there is no audio in the first half).

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