Quick Recap: Skate to Thrill Tournament!

Photo by Jeff Higgins, iaremoron.com

Twin City Derby Girls’ Evil Twins traveled to the St. Louis area a few weeks ago to take on three strong opponents at the Skate to Thrill Tournament. 

While the Twins returned with only one scoreboard win (against Tiger Bay), it was a great weekend of derby, and a great tournament to participate in. Thanks to everyone at St. Chux for hosting the 2nd annual Skate to Thrill!.

Thanks also to all the Referees, NSOs and other volunteers who made the trip.

Emme and Team
photo by Jeff Higgins, iaremoron.com


Against 97th-ranked Burning River, the Twins took an early lead, maintaining around a 10-point margin throughout the first half and going into halftime at 71-67.

Burning River took the lead in the second half, and while that wasn’t the end of a TCDG lead, it was the beginning of some penalty trouble for TCDG jammers, and power jams for Burning River. One last push from Burning River and they pulled away to end the game with a win, 147 to TCDG’s 113.


Later that day, TCDG took on 96th-ranked Junction City from Ogden, UT. Junction City took the lead by a slim margin early on, and widened it until TCDG pulled ahead to end the first half in the lead, 76-70. The second half saw an early lead change, and the Twins fought hard but couldnt’t get the lead back. Final score TCDG 119 to Junction CIty 172.

Brass Monke
photo by Jeff Higgins, iaremoron.com

Sunday morning the Twins took on Tiger Bay from Cardiff, Wales.

Tiger Bay came into the tournament ranked 57th in the WFTDA, and were impressive in their three games on Saturday. It was a good day for TCDG, as they took an early lead and maintained it throughout the game to finish at 233-114.




Next up for the Evil Twins: May 9th at Cincinnati!

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