2015 Season Opener!

10924660_10153006597695149_779042361376093179_oWith our Feb. 8th season opener right around the corner, you can bet we’re aching with anticipation to strap our skates on, hit the track, and play some roller derby. During the off-season our jammers have been working on their agility and lighting-fast speed, while our blockers have been in the weight room and drilling defense. The 2015 season holds some very exciting changes for the Twin City Derby Girls organization.

Our avid fans probably took notice last year that we transitioned away from our home teams (The ‘Paign, the Damagin’ Dames, and the Boneyard Bombshells). TCDG has reassessed, reorganized, and reunited. Three brand-new teams roll out for the 2015 season, skating under the beloved TCDG green and black. The Evil Twins are the WFTDA charter team, traveling throughout the country to compete for national rankings. The Dead Ringers, “B” team to the Evil Twins, accompany the charter team on their travels to compete against similarly-matched opponents. The Alter Egos hold things down on the home front, competing against teams within the local region.

Skating under the same colors we represent one league, more unified and more powerful than ever. Beware, 2015 opponents. We’re a MEAN GREEN DERBY MACHINE.

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