Spring Roll Mini-Update: Game 1

2014-SpringRoll_bigeasy-clockTCDG brings home a hard-fought WIN in their first game of Spring Roll against New Orleans’ Big Easy — who was anything but easy!  Though Twin City took an early lead, Big Easy went on a scoring streak to take the lead 73-66 at the half. They held that lead through most of the second half, but TCDG never gave up and kept victory just within reach. In the final jam, begun just before the game clock was about to run out, the Big Easy jammer scored and attempted to call it off, but was sent to the box on a track cut. Houchebag seized the opportunity to get two passes in before the jam clock expired, and TCDG gets the win, 181-169!!

Tomorrow, TCDG wears black against the tournament hosts Fort Wayne in white. This will be an equally tough one, so be sure to stay tuned! DNN is live streaming all the Spring Roll bouts, so point your browsers at http://www.derbynewsnetwork.com/live!  12 noon EDT, Track 1.

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