Next Up: Spring Roll!

All eyes here at TCDG are on Fort Wayne for the upcoming weekend, as the ladies in green head to the annual Spring Roll Tournament.  Now in its 5th year, Spring Roll features 11 WFTDA leagues in sanctioned play (as well as 11 Men’s leagues in a parallel MRDA-sanctioned tournament).

#0 Dame Sangre spins to hold the opposing jammer in last month’s sanctioned bout against the Chicago Outfit. Image by Steve Jurcovic, with permission.

In this three-game weekend, our charter roster of skaters will face three seasoned opponents:  New Orleans’ Big Easy (82nd),Connecticut (93rd), and the tournament hosts Fort Wayne (95th). All three games will be first-time matchups, and with the June 30 season-end approaching quickly, everyone is going to be anxious to pick up some extra ranking points. While all three teams currently sit below TCDG (70th) in the latest release of the official WFTDA rankings, we expect all to be tough opponents.

The full Spring Roll schedule can be viewed here, along with links to watch the streaming video feed (links coming soon). We’ll also be posting to our facebook page throughout the weekend, if you want to follow and cheer!

#2007 Anthrobrawlogist spots her line as Jammer against the Chicago Outfit.

TCDG plays Friday, Saturday and Sunday as follows:

Friday 9:30 pm EASTERN time vs. Big Easy – Track 2
Saturday 12:00 noon EASTERN time vs. Ft. Wayne – Track 1
Sunday 8:30 am EASTERN time vs. Connecticut – Track 2

UPDATED:   Links to watch the live feed are here, courtesy of the Derby News Network!  (see Track assignments for each bout above)

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