Twin City Derby Girls

Twin City Derby Girls

TCDG vs. Aurora 88s - WIN!

TCDG won 209-206 in the final moments of their recent bout against the Aurora 88s, in one of the toughest battles we've ever seen at home. It's not often that you see roller derby bouts going into overtime, but these teams kept everyone on the edge of their seats.


Thanks so much to the 88s to returning to C-U and for being such fantastic opponents, and congratulations to our home team on the win!!


photo by Ean Arth

Next Up: June 8 v. IL Remix

Derby at home this weekend!  Sunday, June 8, come to Skateland to see TCDG's C team take on a mix of skaters from nearby leagues the Prairieland Punishers, MidState Mayhem, McLean County MissFits and Springfield!

Tickets are $8 and on-sale now. Kids under 8 get in FREE! Make sure you've got a seat. Purchase tickets in advance at the link below or at the door until we're sold out.

We will have genuine TCDG merchandise, a bake sale with yummy snacks baked with love by our TCDG members, and we will have the ever popular Wheel Game. $1/wheel and you might just score some TCDG swag!

Doors open at 6:00, and the action starts at 7:00. We'll see you on the track.

Day 3: Winning!!


Sunday brings Spring Roll to a close, and your Twin City Travelers bring home a win against Connecticut, 227-115.  That takes TCDG to 2 wins and 1 loss for this tournament - a successful first trip by all accounts. Wish the Travelers safe travels this afternoon, and we'll see you next from the road in June!



Spring Roll Mini-Update: Game 2


In the second game of the weekend, TCDG fought hard against an incredibly fierce Fort Wayne, but couldn't bring a win home today.
The first half was a close chase, and TCDG had 55 to Ft. Wayne's 99 going into the second half. The home team's strong offense and amazing jamming by Majestic prompted some regrouping at the half, but despite ramping up attention to defense and deepening the pack rotations, TCDG just couldn't make up the points. Final score was 113-219.
TCDG is back in green tomorrow morning at 8:30 EDT against Connecticut for their third and final game this weekend. Again, stay tuned to DNN for score and feed links!



Spring Roll Mini-Update: Game 1

TCDG brings home a hard-fought WIN in their first game of Spring Roll against New Orleans' Big Easy -- who was anything but easy!  Though Twin City took an early lead, Big Easy went on a scoring streak to take the lead 73-66 at the half. They held that lead through most of the second half, but TCDG never gave up and kept victory just within reach. In the final jam, begun just before the game clock was about to run out, the Big Easy jammer scored and attempted to call it off, but was sent to the box on a track cut. Houchebag seized the opportunity to get two passes in before the jam clock expired, and TCDG gets the win, 181-169!!

Tomorrow, TCDG wears black against the tournament hosts Fort Wayne in white. This will be an equally tough one, so be sure to stay tuned! DNN is live streaming all the Spring Roll bouts, so point your browsers at!  12 noon EDT, Track 1.

Next Up: Spring Roll!!

All eyes here at TCDG are on Fort Wayne for the upcoming weekend, as the ladies in green head to the annual Spring Roll Tournament.  Now in its 5th year, Spring Roll features 11 WFTDA leagues in sanctioned play (as well as 11 Men's leagues in a parallel MRDA-sanctioned tournament).

#0 Dame Sangre spins to hold the opposing jammer in last month's sanctioned bout against the *59th-ranked
Chicago Outfit.  Images by Steve Jurkovic, posted with permission.

In this three-game weekend, our charter roster of skaters will face three seasoned opponents:  New Orleans' Big Easy (82nd), Connecticut (93rd), and the tournament hosts Fort Wayne (95th). All three games will be first-time matchups, and with the June 30 season-end approaching quickly, everyone is going to be anxious to pick up some extra ranking points. While all three teams currently sit below TCDG (70th) in the latest release of the official WFTDA rankings, we expect all to be tough opponents.

The full Spring Roll schedule can be viewed here, along with links to watch the streaming video feed (links coming soon). We'll also be posting to our facebook page throughout the weekend, if you want to follow and cheer!

TCDG plays Friday, Saturday and Sunday as follows:

Friday 9:30 pm EASTERN time vs. Big Easy - Track 2
Saturday 12:00 noon EASTERN time vs. Ft. Wayne - Track 1
Sunday 8:30 am EASTERN time vs. Connecticut - Track 2


UPDATED:   Links to watch the live feed are here, courtesy of the Derby News Network!  (see Track assignments for each bout above)

Quick Recap: TCDG C vs. ARRG C

The visiting Arch Rival Roller Girls (ARRG) C team took a hearty victory over the home TCDG C team last night -- 262 ARRG vs. 110 TCDG.  MVPs were Nikki Trixx from ARRG and Holy Steamroller from TCDG. We're so grateful for ARRG and all the other leagues who have traveled to C-U to help us put on a great event for the home crowd!

Next on our home schedule will be June 8 -- visiting team to be announced soon.

June 29 finishes out our home season, welcoming the Aurora 88s for their second trip down to C-U.

2014 Season Schedule

Stay tuned to this page for more information as it becomes available.

August 30 TCDG A vs. Old Capitol City A Iowa City, IA
August 30 TCDG B vs. Old Capitol City B Iowa City, IA
August 9 TCDG A vs. No Coast A Lincoln, NE
August 9 TCDG B vs. No Coast B Lincoln, NE
August 2 TCDG A vs. Quad Cities A Home - Danville Palmer Arena
August 2 TCDG B vs. Southern Illinois A Home - Danville Palmer Arena
July 12 TCDG A vs. North Star A Home - Danville Palmer Arena
July 12 TCDG B vs. North Star B Home - Danville Palmer Arena
June 29 TCDG C vs. Aurora 88s Home - Skateland Savoy
June 21 TCDG A vs. North West Arkansas Fayetteville, AR
June 8 TCDG C vs. TBA Home - Skateland Savoy
May 18 TCDG A vs. Connecticut Spring Roll Tournament, Fort Wayne, IN
May 17 TCDG A vs. Ft. Wayne Spring Roll Tournament, Fort Wayne, IN
May 16 TCDG A vs. Big Easy Spring Roll Tournament, Fort Wayne, IN
May 4 TCDG C 110 vs. ARRG C 262 Home - Skateland Savoy
April 26 TCDG A 163 vs. Chicago Outfit A 152 Chicago, IL
April 26 TCDG B 143 vs. Chicago Outfit B 115 Chicago, IL
April 13 TCDG A 114 vs. Brewcity Bruisers 184 Skate to Thrill Tournament, Wright City, MO
April 12 TCDG A 202 vs. Fargo Moorhead 168 Skate to Thrill Tournament, Wright City, MO
April 12 TCDG A 162 vs. North Star 122 Skate to Thrill Tournament, Wright City, MO
March 29 TCDG A 92 vs. St. Chux Derby Chix 208 St. Peters, MO
March 9 TCDG C 154 vs. Midstate Mayhem 182 Home - Skateland Savoy
February 16 TCDG C 165 vs. Prairieland Punishers 190 Home - Skateland Savoy
January 25 TCDG A 232 vs. Naptown B 86 Indianapolis, IN

Calling All Coaches

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We look forward to meeting you and having you share your coaching and teaching expertise.

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