Twin City Derby Girls

Twin City Derby Girls

League Tryouts February 22

Sunday, February 22, 9:00-11:00am

Please plan to arrive at 9 when the doors open, to complete paperwork and arrange for borrowing gear, if necessary. Tryouts will begin promptly at 9:30am.

Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to register.

Anyone who is 18 years of age or older (by the next date of tryouts) and has current health insurance can try out to be a Twin City Derby Girl.  Basic skating skills, understanding of the game, paperwork and proper equipment are required for tryouts.

Cost:  $4 for skates/gear rental if needed.

Skateland has skates, elbow pads, knee pads, wristguards and helmets.

Gear: Everyone trying out MUST bring her/his own mouthguard (available for $2-$3 at most retail stores like Walmart, Meijer, etc.).
Be sure to boil and mold your mouthguard according to the manufacturer's instructions PRIOR to tryouts.

It is also strongly recommended that you bring your own helmet (a bike helmet works just fine for now).

Derby is a competitive sport.  We take our league, the safety of skaters and our tryout process very seriously.  No exceptions will be made for the requirements of tryouts.

What to bring to tryouts:

Everyone trying out must wear quad skates, wristguards, knee and elbow pads, helmet and mouthguard.  You must bring your own mouthguard and, if possible, your own helmet.

Forms: Please bring all of the following:

  1. A signed copy of the WFTDA waiver (pdf),
  2. A completed Registration Form,
  3. A completed Emergency Contact sheet,
  4. A photocopy of your state ID, and
  5. A photocopy of your Insurance card.

What will happen at tryouts:

  • Orientation and Introduction to our League
  • Basic Skills Assessment:  Skaters will be assessed for proficiency and aptitude in the following areas:
    • Skating posture: Fluid strides, balance, confidence in skating, pushes off with both feet
    • Stops: T-stop & toe drag stop
    • Sticky Skate:  Can propel self with all eight wheels on the floor
    • Crossovers:  Performs smooth crossovers while skating at a brisk pace going into and coming out of turns. Uses both feet to push during crossovers
    • Squatting:  While skating, squat and coast the entire straightaway and turn, squat and propel self on straightaway and turns
    • Stepping:  Steps from a standstill backward, forward & side to side while maintaining balance
    • Agility:  Can move easily and fluidly from one side of the skating lane to the other
    • Balance:  Performs one-foot glides on each skate for the length of the straightaway with good balance
    • Endurance:  Can skate 4-5 laps in one minute on a derby size track
  • Survey/Questionnaire:  This will assess a skater’s readiness for roller derby with TCDG.  Explanations and questions addressing attitude, competitiveness, time commitment and athleticism will be included.
  • Game & Rules Assessment:  Skaters will be asked to explain the basics of roller derby (how the game works, scoring, positions), demonstrating knowledge of how roller derby works.  You will also be asked to give an example of a penalty.

How to Prepare for Tryouts:

You can also read over the official WFTDA rules on the WFTDA site.

What happens after tryouts?

Within one week of tryouts, you will be notified by a member of the coaching staff either inviting you to join Twin City Derby Girls or explaining what skills you need to further develop for the next tryouts.  If you are invited as a skater and accept, then you will participate in a 12-week development program as part of our Farmers to help you prepare for the WFTDA basic skills test.  If you are invited as a referee and accept, you will train with the our officiating crew, the Ref Riders, to further develop your skating skills and knowledge of the sport.

We also suggest that you take a look at this packet of information for new skaters, prepared this past fall by TCDG's Fitness Committee!

In it, you will learn more about derby culture and about TCDG culture in particular, what to expect from practices, how to train for derby outside of practices (and off-skates!), how to help prevent injuries and recover from them, the importance of nutrition and hydration, and even a few suggestions about playing roller derby from a sports psychology perspective.

We who skate and officiate and volunteer and otherwise support the enterprise that is TCDG love what we do, and we hope that you will, too -- but we also want you to be prepared for the amount of work and commitment that goes into such a labor of love.

Please stay tuned to this page and our Facebook page for information about our next round of tryouts!! We really hope to see you there.

We look forward to seeing you!  Please remember to register in advance by emailing  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !

TCDG Seeking Referees!

Twin City Derby Girls, your local roller derby league, is recruiting skating officials to serve as referees during scrimmages and to train for officiating during our home bouts.

You don't need to identify as a woman to be a ref!

Being a referee requires solid skating skills (quads or inline are acceptable), endurance, and speed. Referees learn the rules, enforce penalties, and count points.

Interested in learning more? Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Got questions? We've got answers!

Check out our "Frequently Asked Questions" page and watch our video about derby.